Professor Boom was once the preeminent scientific genius on Earth, his brilliance rivaled only by his kindly, generous nature.

As the prized chief scientist and engineer-in-residence of massive business conglomerate Zenith Industries, Boom put his intellect and technical wizardry to work improving the lot of the disadvantaged worldwide , pioneering advancements in fields such as medicine, farming, environmental protection and low-cost architecture, to name but a few.

However, Boom’s legacy was tragically altered when a well-meaning but risky experiment went horribly awry, shattering Boom’s psyche and replacing his fatherly altruism with seething megalomania.  It was in the aftermath of this catastrophe that the Alchemitts, a pair of mysterious, impossibly advanced gauntlets of untold transformative power, appeared to Boom in a blinding flash of light.

Without question, Boom seized control of the Alchemitts and fled his lab at Zenith, interpreting their fateful arrival as affirmation of his new aim in life:  Complete World Domination.


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