When Del Montgomery’s good intentions drive him to intervene in a mugging, he finds himself drawn into the crazed machinations of an insane, impossibly powerful scientist with a desire for world domination!

Although beset on all sides by mad monsters and vicious villains, Del is far from defenseless…

By the whim of a madman, Del now surges with cosmic energy, transforming into a high-kicking, hard-punching hero, the Saffron Sentinel, DANGERINE!!!

Dangerine is intended as an antidote for those who dearly love superheroes, but are growing increasingly bored of the po-faced grimdark melodrama dominating the genre today.

Over-the-top action, cartoon visuals, a fast-paced plot and some frankly terribleĀ puns are the name of the game here, as the frantic, fantastic saga of Dangerine accelerates through the stratosphere and into the cosmos of pure AWESOME!


Author's portrait "before the incident"

Halfway into his second year of uni, James got bored of playing videogames in his pants all day and decided he was going to draw comics instead.

A few years of intense montage-style training later, filling sketchbooks under waterfalls, inking in x1000 Earth Gravity and whathaveyou, he’s finally putting stuff out for you to devour.

He loves coffee, comix, tokusatsu, heavy metal and side-scrolling brawlers.


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