It’s time again to head due Leeds for the UK’s premier comic convention, Thought Bubble!

I’ll be holed up at Table 189 in New Dock Hall, sharing a row with some deeply fine folks, operating on very little sleep and Egg McMuffins.

Here, have a map: 2014 Tbubs floorplan copy

Mmm, that’s good map.

I’ll be lording it over a full table this year, selling some pretty rad stuff:Dangerine 1 cover blog Dangerine 2 cover blog Dangerine 3 cover blogDangerine WASTE cover blog

I’ll also have the last few prints from the CULT exhibition held at Orbital Comics earlier this year.  These are CON EXCLUSIVES, not available online or anywhere else, so… know that:Stitched together preview

And finally, I’ll be doing inked sketches for folks at the BARGAIN price of £5, or free with purchase of any two books!  So, if you’re packing a themed sketchbook, lemme at that thing.

I may also be packing a sneaky preview of an upcoming project.  Ask nice, and I might show you.

See you there!


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